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Kayak II linoleum block print

Kayak II linoleum block print

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This original four color linoleum block print depicts a red kayak on a blue lake with a mountain in the background. The image is 4 x 7 inches and is matted to fit a 9 x 12 inch frame. You may pruchase this print unmatted, matted, or framed.


    I begin each print with a colored pencil and charcoal drawing. I turn the drawing face down on the block and rub it; the charcoal outline transfers in reverse onto the linoleum. 

    Before I print, I cut away the white areas of the image. The areas that are carved away will not be inked. The carving tools I use are V-shaped and U-shaped gouges. When all the white areas are carved, I print the first color on all the paper I am going to use. The entire edition, or series of prints, must be printed at once. 

    After the first color is printed, I go back to the linoleum and cut out what is going to stay that color (if I printed red, I cut out what will stay red). Then I print the second color over the first.  I have to register, or line up the print with the block each time I add a color. The layers of ink give the print its glossy and textural quality. My prints are four to six stages of carving and printing.

    As I complete the colors, I carve more and more away from the block, so that when the print is done, most of the block is carved away. Because the block is destroyed, my prints are truly limited editions. All my prints are hand pressed with a bamboo barren, which is a traditional Japanese wood block printing tool. I use handmade Japanese paper for my prints and they are framed with acid-free materials.


    I will accept merchandise within 30 days, if the product is returned undamaged. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.



    I offer free domestic shipping on all orders of $50 or more. Some larger items on my site require me to hand deliver the product. That will be listed in the product description

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